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tell your freinds about this website please. Also look bellow


WHAT DO YOU THINK!!  OK.. so heres this months question... should i get a co-host for my youtube videos!

ideas in blog please!!

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im so dumb....

I left my minecraft on peaceful :(


how many times i smashed my keyboard

 Halo: A lot

 Quake live:1000,1100001,00000....


 sleep:1 (you dont wana know)

 The sims: quite a lot

Welcome to Minecraftars I made this fansite for blog talks and tips just ask me stuff like where is the best place to find diamonds or basic stuff like how to make a wooden sword  I also hold "what do you thinks", look at vid. I also have a games page, Best of all seeds 10000 of SEEDS omg look at the seeds!! Also I have a Web Store that im working on :)   please sign up :D                            

              (IT IS RECOMMENDED YOU USE A PC TO VIEW THIS SITE)                                 
Sami Abbas

A MIRCLE!!! finally a dream come true, quake 3 in my

browser!!! YESS!!

Me and my (kinda) co-host try destroying a village then things go wrong....

enjoy this 47 minutes vid ha ha turn your volume my freind and i did it we adventured the wonders of minecraft we also showed you how to get cool seeds for temples and villages

"funny and smart at the same time" said Home viewer

so watch it or CREEPERS will kill you
Me and my friend were playing at a server (hivemc.eu) and we found this guy... the other day on the same server I saw a FULLY NAKED PERSON on the same server. I only saw this in European servers then I thought are Europeans strippers!?!?!?